Durant injury opens door for Russ

OKLAHOMA CITY — The buzzer had sounded in http://www.officialushockey.com/bryan-bickell-jersey Game 5, and for the first time in their brief Oklahoma City history, the Oklahoma City Thunder had won a playoff series, advancing past the Denver Nuggets in 2011. Kevin Durant, who had dropped 41 points, including 14 in the final five minutes, stalked along the baseline, right in front of where owners Clay Bennett and Aubrey McLendon sat. With his teammates hanging on his shoulders, Durant popped his jersey and bellowed, “This is my motherf—ing team!” Without question Thunder have been Durant’s, despite plenty of conspiracy and assumption that Russell Westbrook has been not-so-subtly attempting a coup. All of that noise has always been unfounded and unfair as Westbrook is simply an overwhelming, enigmatic talent that sometimes bursts at the seams. Still, Durant is the face of the franchise, the alpha dog, the top man. Westbrook isn’t necessarily the Robin to his Batman, but in terms of defining metaphoric ownership, the Thunder are no doubt Durant’s. But not for at least the next six to eight weeks. Because of a stress fracture in Durant’s right foot, the reigning league MVP will be sidelined for the first 20 or so games of the season, meaning Westbrook will finally get to play the role so many have assumed he’s always so desperately wanted. He’s the captain now. As Thunder Jim Rice Red Sox Jersey general manager Sam Presti said on Sunday, the Thunder can’t replace Durant. The Thunder scored 109.7 points per 100 possessions with Durant on the floor last season and 101.7 per 100 with him sitting. You don’t just pick up the slack of a guy who averaged 32 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists. It has to be a collective effort, with the group combining to cobble together the production they’re going to be missing. That begins with Westbrook, who many have seen as a potential MVP-caliber player if only he wasn’t ceding to Durant. Westbrook had a front-row seat last season watching Durant pick up his team during his extended absence stemming from complications in recovery from a 2013 meniscus tear in the playoffs. Westbrook missed 36 games, and from January to the All-Star break, Durant unleashed a fury on the league unlike many we’ve ever seen before. The Thunder went 20-7 as Durant averaged 35 points and 6.3 assists. In a stretch from Jan. 7-27, Durant topped 30 points in 12 consecutive games, averaging 38.0 points, 6.3 rebounds and 5.9 assists. The run was so outrageous it even spawned it’s own awesome nickname — “The Slim Reaper.” Durant played completely unfettered, finding that offensive voice so many have known he was capable of. Without Westbrook using possessions — Durant’s usage rate spiked from 29.5 to 35.3 — Durant was able to entirely commandeer the offense. It wasn’t so much that he played significantly better than he had been, he just saw more of the offense. It led to the seemingly previously resolved question of whether the Thunder…

Mountain Hiking and How jersey

Many hikers who are bored of the normal http://www.officialwarriors.com/Authentic-Stephen-Curry-Jersey marked trails, and discovered wilderness areas have come to a new adrenaline rush: mountain hiking. Hiking several hundred feet above sea level gives those with a taste for the extreme the rush they are looking for. If you are that kind of hiker, then mountain hiking is for you. But wait, before you start day dreaming about the top of the summit, you first need to know how to get there. Mountain hiking isn’t much different than simple hiking. The only major difference is the endurance needed and the terrain you are hiking on. Over all the same gear is needed and the idea is much the same. The three layer system that is often used in hiking also applies in mountain hiking. Let’s do this real quick: the layering system offers three different layers of clothing that a hiker should follow. http://www.officialpiratesshop.com/WOMENS-ANDREW-MCCUTCHEN-JERSEY.html First is the base layer, which is responsible for keeping a dry and comfortable microclimate next to your skin. For mountain hiking, you can wear two pairs of long johns, top and bottom. The clothes should be made from synthetic fiber but not from cotton. The second layer you need in mountain hiking is the insulation layer. This layer provides more warmth if the base layer and the shell layer do not provide enough insulation on their own. And last is the shell layer, providing you protection from Bernard Pierce Womens Jersey wind, rain, sleet, snow, etc. Shirts for mountain hiking during good weather Wool or fleece sweater or synthetic insulated jacket Wool shirt or sweater, second fleece/pile jacket, vest, etc. Fleece pants – side zips are nice as they come in handy if you are getting too hot While in a typical hiking trip, no more than three layers of clothing is needed, this is not so in mountain hiking, where the conditions can be harsher and more extreme. That is why a fourth layer of clothing is usually added, the ‘super’ insulation layer. http://www.49ersshopnflonline.com/49ERS-VERNON-DAVIS-JERSEY You might need to wear eye protection, depending on where you are hiking. In snowy conditions, blindness is common due to the glare, even on overcast days blindness can be a concern. Also in sunny conditions it is important to wear eye protection to protect your eyes. Share on Facebook

Percy Harvin became more trouble than he was worth

All of Seattle is asking Charles Johnson Jersey the same question: Why? In what has to be one of the most shocking in-season trades in Seattle Seahawks history, star wide receiver Percy Harvin was traded to the New York Jets for future draft considerations, sources confirmed Friday afternoon. The reasons are two-fold. The obvious one is to make salary-cap space for the future big-money deal coming for quarterback Russell Wilson at the end of this season, a deal that likely will be way north of $100 million for four to five years. Even so, why do it now? Why trade your http://www.nhlshoponline.us.com/nhl-jerseys/carolina-hurricanes_c-1727.html most explosive offensive weapon, the man a large part of the offense is built around, five games into a season in which you hope to return to the Super Bowl? The answer is the Seahawks were tired of Harvin’s act, several sources have confirmed. The bottom line: He was more trouble than he’s worth. Harvin played in only one regular-season game last year after undergoing hip surgery. He has played in every game this year but continues to have nagging injury issues that cause him to miss or skip practice. One team source also said Harvin had confrontations with teammates and dealt with anger issues. It’s not like the Seahawks didn’t know http://www.panthersshop.us.com/Deangelo_Williams_Jersey Harvin had issues. One confrontation he had while playing for the Minnesota Vikings happened in a game in Seattle on Nov. 4, 2012. Harvin had a heated argument on the sidelines with Vikings coach Leslie Frazier that was shown on television. That was the last game Harvin played for the Vikings, as he was placed on injured reserve afterward with an ankle problem. Four months later he was traded to Seattle for first- and seventh-round draft picks in 2013 and a third-round pick in 2014. So the Seahawks paid him $18.3 million the last two seasons and gave up three draft picks — for a guy who played eight games for them. Seahawks radio broadcaster and http://www.nhlshoponline.us.com/nhl-jerseys/minnesota-wild_c-1752.html former quarterback Warren Moon talked about Harvin on 1090-AM radio in Seattle on Friday. “Chemistry on any team is very important,” Moon said. “I think in some ways Percy upset that chemistry.” So despite his enormous talent, the Seahawks believe they are better served to move on without him and move up young players they want to give a shot. Share on Facebook

Cardinals’ Peterson says he expects to play better

The Arizona Cardinals made Patrick Peterson the highest-paid Calais Campbell Nike Jerseys cornerback in the NFL. Now his coach and general manager are criticizing his recent play Peterson acknowledged on Thursday there is room for improvement. ”I do believe I’m not playing to the best of my ability right now,” he said, ”but that’s definitely going to change.” The spate of criticism came after DeSean Jackson beat Peterson on a 64-yard touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins in Arizona’s 30-20 victory over Washington last Sunday. Coach Bruce Arians said the game ”was not good for him.” ”Got beat on an inside route when he was supposed to have inside technique – can’t happen,” Arians said. ”When you’re playing inside man-to-man, you have to force your guy outside. It was not his best game.” General manager Steve Keim talked in a radio interview about Peterson’s ”tendency not to focus and lack of intensity for 60 minutes.” It was not the first touchdown Peterson has allowed this season after he signed a five-year, $70 million contract – $47 million guaranteed. A Pro Bowl player in each of his three seasons, Peterson has proclaimed Morgan Moses Authentic Jersey himself the best cornerback in the NFL, and the Cardinals paid him as if he was. He knows he is ripe for criticism anytime he makes a mistake, and when a cornerback makes a mistake, it’s there for all to see. ”It comes with the territory by being the highest-paid cornerback and being recognized as one of the top cornerbacks in the league,” he said. ”Is that something that I might shy away from? Not at all. Is it something I’m scared of? Am I worried about the concerns or criticisms I’m getting thus far in the season? Not at all, because we have 11 games to go. I have a lot of games to improve.” Peterson disagreed with Keim’s assessment, sort of. ”As far as lack of concentration or lack of focus, that’s not an issue at all,” he said, but later added, ”It’s not a lack of focus, just being more aware that any given time the ball can come your way.” Peterson and cornerback Antonio Cromartie are often in 1-on-1 matchups as defensive coordinator Todd Bowles designs an array of blitz schemes to pressure the passer. ”Patrick’s one of the reasons we do a lot of the things we do inside,” Bowles said. ”So for him to give up a pass or two here and there doesn’t mean he struggles. It just means that we left him out of there too long. We have to do a little more things to help him.” Good friend Tyrann Mathieu knows Peterson is a big target for criticism, because of who he is. ”You hear things and obviously you see things,” Mathieu said. ”I think he’s handling everything well. Can he get better? Absolutely. I think we all can. But he’s on that level where he can’t have a bad game. People can’t go for a…

The team said Tuesday jersey

Tony Meola has agreed to a contract Dri Archer Jersey with the expansion New Jersey Ironmen of the Major Indoor Soccer League. The team said Tuesday the 2000 MVP of Major League Soccer will join the club when it opens its preseason Sept. 16. “The name itself gives us a lot of credibility,” Ironmen coach Omid Namazi said. “Tony is a great goalkeeper that performed well for his country on the national team, and now he has returned to play back in his home state.” The MISL season is to start in October. The Ironmen will join Baltimore, California, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, La Raza de Monterrey, Orlando and Philadelphia. http://www.cowboysofficialnflproshop.com/anthony-hitchens-jersey_c-396.html The 38-year-old Meola played every minute for the national team in both the 1990 and 1994 World Cup, including a 2-1 victory over Columbia to advance to the second round in 1994. “I feel better than I have in three or four years,” Meola said at a news conference. “I have been working hard to stay in shape, and my personal goal is to be the best goalkeeper in the league.” Meola, who is from New Jersey, was a member of the New York-New Jersey MetroStars from the inception of the MLS in 1996 until 1999. He was traded to Deone Bucannon Autentic Jersey Kansas City in 1999 and had a league-record 16 shutouts the following year in leading the team to the league championship. He was the MVP of the MLS Cup. Meola remained in Kansas City until 2004 before returning to the MetroStars in 2005 and 2006, the year the team named changed to the New York Red Bulls. He was released by the Red Bulls after the season. “I look forward to not only playing soccer again, but I am also excited about moving back to New Jersey full time,” Meola said. “This is where I am supposed to be.” Ironmen coach Omid Namazi said. “Tony is a great goalkeeper that performed well for his country on the national team, and now he has returned to play back in his home state.” The MISL season is to start in October. The Ironmen will join Baltimore, California, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, La Raza de Monterrey, Orlando and Philadelphia. http://www.bengalsofficialnflproshop.com/aj-mccarron-jersey_c-382.html The 38-year-old Meola played every minute for the national team in both the 1990 and 1994 World Cup, including a 2-1 victory over Colombia to advance to the second round in 1994. Share on Facebook

Joe Webb may have edge on Cam Newton — at Nerf hoops, receiver

Cam Newton versus Joe Justin Tuck Jersey Webb. Comparing the two Carolina Panthers quarterbacks probably doesn’t seem fair. Newton is a two-time Pro Bowler, the first pick of the 2011 draft and the 2010 Heisman Trophy winner. Webb is a third-string quarterback, a sixth-round pick in the 2010 draft and on the roster primarily as insurance because Newton had offseason ankle surgery. But this isn’t a debate over who is the better quarterback. It’s a debate over who is the better all-around athlete when it comes to, let’s say, Nerf basketball and playing wide receiver. Those topics arose Thursday http://www.nhlshoponline.us.com/nhl-jerseys/colorado-avalanche_c-1753.html when Webb was being asked about practicing as a wide receiver as insurance in case rookie Kelvin Benjamin (concussion) can’t play. Without Benjamin, Webb would be the fifth receiver behind Jerricho Cotchery, Jason Avant, Brenton Bersin and Philly Brown. It’s not an unfamiliar role. He caught six passes as a wide receiver while with the Minnesota Vikings from 2010-13. For some reason, Newton decided to enter the interview from the locker next to Webb’s. Or maybe he was dragged into it. Whichever, it was entertaining. On being a wide receiver, Newton http://www.panthersshop.us.com/Charles_Johnson_Jersey actually addressed that Wednesday during his media availability. “I’m a football player,” he said. “It’s not pretty much anything I can’t do — I think. Who cares what I think, though?” Fast forward to Thursday, when Webb was asked if he was a better receiver than Nerf basketball player. Newton interjected: “Absolutely.” That led to Webb being asked if Newton could play wide receiver. Newton again interjected: “Ain’t no surprises.” To which Webb said, “He can get out there, but I’ll have to be the one throwing to him.” Asked what kind of route he would send Newton on if he were throwing to him, Webb said, “I’d send him across the middle. Set him up for the kill.” Newton laughed. Webb added, “If he treats me good that week, I might send him on a go route.” Asked if Newton had the speed to beat a defensive back — or even a linebacker, deep, Webb said, “Yeah, he’d have to do a lot of double moves to beat them.” Webb is confident he can http://www.raidersshop.us.com/James_Jones_Jersey play wide receiver if the Panthers activate him. Coach Ron Rivera only said “we’ll see” when the subject came up. Webb also is confident in his Nerf basketball ability, bragging how he beat Newton in a game of PIG. “Shooter, layup, dunk … the PIG game is mine,” Webb said. “I’ve won how many times? I beat D.A. [backup quarterback Derek Anderson] like 10 times yesterday. This guy [Newton] has been retired like two days.” Next up: Cam Newton versus Aaron Rodgers. That will be decided Sunday on Green Bay’s Lambeau Field. Share on Facebook